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Best 2000 watt inverter should have latest cooling technology, overheat surge protection, ease of use and installation. I’ve considered all these even more to suggest my list of best 2000 watt power inverter for you.

AIMS power PICOGLF20W12V120VR 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter is designed to take a continuous load of 2000 watts. It has a single input option of 12v DC and a single output option of 120v at 60Hz. The pure sine wave inverter designed on the low frequency. So, it can hold against a surge power of 6000 watts for almost 20 seconds, which is 300% of its total capacity.


  • High-level overload protection scheme is used
  • Can be used for a wide range of loads from small homes to Rv and Campers
  • Pure sine wave inverter makes it perfect for all loads
  • Best 2000 watt inverter for off grid use


  • Old fashioned design
  • A bit noisy fan
  • Does not have a quality built-in charge controller

This inverter comes with the ability to charge the battery through a 120v AC input and is capable of charging almost any type of battery. High protection scheme is used to save it from voltage surge, dim voltage, and overload protection. High-quality fuses are installed to protect the inverter from short circuit current.

It comes with a cooling fan to keep the device from overheating and has an alarm installed that identifies both low and high voltage conditions. It is an auto inverter that senses the inflow of 12v DC Supply from the battery, and 120v AC supply from the grid turns on the battery supply when the grid goes off, and you can set the priority manually.

WZRELB 2000 wattage is A compact design power inverter that has only one input and output option. It takes 12v dc input from the battery and gives 120v at 60Hz at the power output terminal. It is preferred to use with a solar system, but you can use it with a direct AC power supply from the grid to charge the batteries and use the energy stored in batteries to power household appliances.


  • Very Reliable against surges
  • Compact and light
  • Best 2000 watt inverter for boat and RV


  • Can not withstand single load above 500w, that may shut it off
  • Frequency disturbs from 60Hz at high load

WZRELB can supply continuous power of 2000 wattage, it can sustain up to 4000-watt load as a surge power and will automatically trip off and shut down when faces an overload issue. Then you will have to turn it on manually after switching off the extra load. Any high voltage surge power, current shock, or load surge would shutdowns the inverter automatically due to the smart overload protection. It has an LED display screen that updates you about the value of dc input being received, and AC power output is given. It has a modern, light weight design, perfect companion for your camping trips. You can easily install it at RVs or homes as they are capable to take on a load of small homes too.

GIANDEL 2000W modified wave is 90% efficient at converting your 12v dc input from the battery to 110/120v Ac supply. It has a portable size and will sustain up to 4000 watts surge load for a few seconds. It comes with a remote control that makes it safer for you to turn it ON/OFF from distance. A variety of protection is provided to keep it safe from over voltage, over current, overload protection, overheating, and short circuit.


  • If used properly will have a longer life due to the better material and cooling system used
  • Compact, Lightweight, and portable
  • Features USB port


  • Limited use as not recommended for homes or heavy load
  • Unregulated voltage drops at high load

I recommend using it for RVs, trucks, boats and power tools. It has multiple AC output switches to provide direct AC supply to your appliances. These are high frequency inverters, and I recommend using them with lighter loads. Many lighter loads summing up to 2000 wattage would work well for it, but a single heavy load may damage it. It has a display screen with multiple buttons to get to know about incoming and outgoing voltages. This is not pure sinewave inverter but good modified one.

Samlex 2000w inverter is capable of converting 24volt dc supply input to 120v AC supply at 60Hz frequency at the output terminal. You can use it to connect all kinds of appliances but recommended to use with low wattage load as for Camps, RVs, Boats, and automobile. It can supply continuous power of 2000 watts with a surge load of peak load sustenance up to 3500 watts for a few seconds.


  • A quality product at an affordable price
  • Great performance with 24v lithium-ion batteries


  • Low Peak load surge sustenance

It functions on a wide range of input DC from 21.4 to 33v. It works well for continuous high-load long operation as has a good cooling mechanism to control overheating of the inverter. It does not have any display screen, and you do not get to know about the running input, running watts and output voltages. Samlex 2000w inverter comes with remote control by which you can turn ON/OFF inverter without any physical touch, which is a safer option. 24v battery allows it to take a higher watt single load and better overall operation.

Tripp Lite power industrial inverter is capable of converting 2000 watts of 12v DC supply into 120v AC at 60Hz frequency continuous power. It is a quality inverter to take on single heavy loads up to 2000 watts. The peak load sustenance is 200% of its continuous load and can sustain 4000 watts. It can be used for a variety of ranges and construction projects.


  • Multiple AC outlets for direct single heavy load
  • Strong in design and structure
  • High load Sustenance
  • Very affordable


  • Old design and bulky

In case you want to replace your portable inverter generator for random trips, It’s a great option. For small industrial scale and construction projects, it can take load upon heavy machines up to 2000 watt range and in case of overload, the inverter shuts down automatically. The difference between Tripp Lite Power Industrial inverter and others is that it can sustain 4000 watts of peak load for an hour, other inverters struggles for even a second. This is a non-digital inverter, and quality converters and transformers are used to make it function properly, and that is one of the reasons behind its high load sustenance.

Krieger 2000 watts is a low-cost car inverter that takes 12v dc input from the battery and provides 120v 60Hz AC supply. The supply is not pure sine wave but still a modified sine wave that would be a great replacement when power from the grid is down.


  • It comes with an installation kit
  • Quality display screen showing input/output voltages and wattages
  • High load surge sustenance up to 200% of continuous load


  • Modified sine wave does not power up many electronics
  • I recommend not using with heavy single load above 700 wattage requirements

Its display screen shows input dc voltage, output ac voltage, wattage, and battery level that keeps you informed. The necessary over-voltage, under-voltage, and overload protection are used to keep the inverter safe in such cases. It can take a continuous load of 2000 watts and has peak load sustenance for a few seconds up to 4000 watts, which means in case, if you turn on some load accidentally that will not affect the inverter or would not damage it.

Krieger 2000w has multiple AC power output terminals that offer you to connect your heavy load directly into inverters separately from other loads and reduces the chance of tripping of inverter for heavy watt single load. It comes with remote control to operate it from a safe distance and an installation kit.

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A 2000 watt power inverter is an electric device, which converts 12/24v DC supply input to 120/240v AC supply at 60/50Hz having, the capability to take the running load of 2000 watts. An inverter is an electric source-dependent device and has the circuitry to give a maintained 120/240 AC supply.

A 2000 watt power inverter is a smart electric machine that fixes output as 120v/240v AC according to the pre-set values. To do so, it has a micro-controller that offers manual and auto control over the output, transistors circuitry that converts DC into AC, it has filters to remove unwanted frequencies, and a transformer to step up 12v AC into 120/240v AC. Still confused and asking what size inverter do I need? Here’s the best inverter sizing calculator.

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Structure and design-wise, there is no difference between 12v and 24v inverters. 12v inverters use 12v DC power batteries, and 24v inverter use 24v DC power batteries, or you can connect two 12v power batteries in series to make it 24v, but that may affect your inverter performance if their quality does not match.

The inverter input voltage depends on inverter wattage, if it is lower than 1000, then get 12v, but if it is above, go with 24v. Like if you want an inverter for your RV, boat, truck, or camping purpose, then a 12v inverter fits better, but for higher loads like lighting up a whole house or an entire electric system, or construction site go for a 24v battery because it has a lower battery ampere drain and works longer.

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A low-frequency inverter uses electronic transfer switch at high speed to convert 12/24v DC input to 120/240v AC at 60/50Hz output. A High-frequency inverter’s electronic transfer switch works at a very high speed of 50KHz or above, and that is why it requires smaller size component to operate at a higher level.

For a 2000 watt power inverter, I recommend a low-frequency inverter as it is more reliable against high surge power load and capable of holding on peak power load for longer time period compared to a High-frequency inverter.

The high-frequency inverter has more efficient and accurate results that’s why it is used for computers and other such small appliances but would not stand against high surge power loads and high torque appliances. Against pure electric loads such as water pumps, motors, or other heavy loads, high-frequency inverters get easily damaged as they have many electronic components in circuitry that wear off when exposed to high surge power.

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FeatureSquare Wave InverterPure Sine Wave InverterModified Sine Wave Inverter
EfficiencyPoorVery HighAbove Moderate
Home appliancesDoesn’t operate manyWorks seamlesslyDoesn’t operate with a few
For RV, Boat, Automotive and Off-grid SolarWould be of no useWorks perfectly but might be unnecessarily expensivePerfect match
Appliances Power ConsumptionExtra power consumptionNormal power consumption20% more power consumption
AC Motor EquipmentDoesn’t RunWorks PerfectlyCan damage them
Electronic Equipment PerformanceVery badPerfect PerformanceQuality Performance
PriceVery CheapAffordableMore affordable

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Use the inverter according to wattage requirements. As it has electronic circuitry, which gets easily damaged when facing high load surge continuously. So, never put an overload on your inverter. Do not let it overheat, so for that, place it somewhere with quality ventilation. The low charge battery may affect it adversely, so keep the continuous cycle of charging and discharging your inverter batteries. Then comes its contacts, keep them clean and keep battery terminals clean and save them from getting rust or corrosion so that may not hinder in power supply.

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Best 2000 Watt Inverter In a Nutshell

Get the best 2000 watt inverter from my list based on your need. Always consider your use case, load capacity and safety of the inverter and appliances before getting one. My list here is to help you get the best 2000 watt power inverter for money.

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