Best Solar Charger For Backpacking Hiking

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My list of best solar charger for backpacking is built around their weight, efficiency, durability and ruggedness.

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Kingsolar portable solar panel is light weight in design and thus very travel friendly. It has 40W solar panel integrated with it which is highly efficient with conversion rate reaching up to 23.5%.

It has 5V USB connectivity option and capable of charging two electronic devices simultaneously. It can provide 2.2A from its USB port making it fast charging device.

It also gives 18V DC output voltage making it compatible with most of electronic devices which could be of use during travelling (like laptops, mobile phone, tablet, GPS etc.).


  • Easily foldable to fit it into backpack pocket when not in use
  • Comes with all the needed accessories
  • Quite an economical option


  • Needs to be repositioned repeatedly
  • Low gauge cables cause power loss

It is made of industrial strength PET polymer fabric making it highly durable and water resistant so it could be used in damp environmental conditions also. Its surface, made of thin film, is also scratch proof which makes it even more resilient.

This charger can also detect current of any device connected with it so it could speed up or slow down charging speed as per the need. It can be easily attached with a battery pack to solar charge it so energy is not wasted when there is no need to charge any other device.

Anyhow, it is not compatible for Apple equipment which makes this device obsolete for iPhone owners.

This notebook like Nekteck foldable solar phone charger is a good travel companion. It is capable of providing 28W output power when sun is bright, making it far more efficient than other devices available in the market. It is equipped with IPX4 waterproof technology making it water resistant so it could be used during outdoor activities like hiking, camping, travelling, or fishing.

Its canvas surface is stitched in a manner to make it easily foldable and withstand different environmental conditions. It is featured with 2 USB ports rated at 5V and 4A if dual USB ports are used simultaneously; and 5V at 2.2A if one port is in use. Its output power makes it compatible with majority of phones including Galaxy S, iPad, iPhone series, tablets, and cameras.

Two carabiners, two metallic hooks and five eyelets are mounted on its surface so it could be attached to backpack when you are walking or hiking. It has voltage stabilization safety feature so device remains safe.

It is also equipped with SMART IC CHIP technology so it could charge any device in safe and fast manner by detecting its maximum or best charging requirements.


  • Velcro strip on the surface and pocket, to put mobile or tablet inside, make it more user friendly
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Comes with good quality micro USB cable and carabiners


  • Needs external battery bank to store energy if needed
  • Compatible with Apple products but doesn’t charge devices beyond a limit

This solar charging panel is designed to resist heat and cold (-20 to 75 degree centigrade) so one could use it in snowy mountains as well as hot deserts. Despite all these features, this product is very economical in price.

Nekteck backpacking solar charger also features automatic restart option; it detects unlikely conditions like forest, clouds, or shade and shuts off the device. Later on, it restarts as soon as the panel start getting minimal amount of light for their operation.

The Bigblue 28W solar cells charger is foldable making it an easy to carry product. It is equipped with 3 USB-A ports allowing one to charge maximum number of devices at a time.

All ports are rated at 5V and 2.4A individually and accumulatively at 5V and 4.8A so fast charging could be achieved. Anyhow, its smart charging technology provides current as per ones device after using its smart detection tools.

This solar charger also incorporates holistic safety mechanism to prevent device from overcharging, overheating, and short circuiting. It is very lightweight so it could be carried with any type of camping backpack.

Furthermore, PET polymer is used to build its surface so it could escape any damage caused by dampness, fog or rain. It’s all USB ports are also covered with rubber covers so rain or dust doesn’t affect them.

This solar panel chargers is compatible with many electronic devices which accept 5V DC (e.g. most android devices, some DSLRs, and Apple devices).


  • Highly efficient to the tune of 24%
  • User friendly
  • Comes with needed accessories like USB cable but not iPhone or iPad lightning cable


  • Don’t have any mechanism to store energy
  • Can’t charge laptops or iPad Pro

This Bigblue solar charger also features automatic restart option. Upon detecting very little sunlight or slow charging of device due to some other reason, it stops charging device and recommends user to reopen the panels or re-plug the device for improved power output.

One of its most unique characteristic is having LED display feature linked with its protection mechanism. During normal mode of operation, LED shines red. It starts flashing in case of over current or short circuit.

To make it easily attachable to backpack or camp, four buckles are attached with it. It also has 4 carabiners so it hangs tightly with backpack etc.

This Anker solar portable charger is a must-have companion during trips for iPhone users. Its 2 USB ports facilitate its users for fast charging two devices simultaneously. Pick the right port before connecting devices because each port is rated at 2.4A and 5V individually.

Overall, this device can provide 3A maximum at its output ports. This solar charger is compatible with wide range of devices including iPhone series, some iPods, Samsung GALAXY series, LG, Nexus, and HTC.

It is designed so as to ensure durability in all aspects. For example, solar panels are topped with industrial strength PET polymer and stitched into canvas fabric making this solar charger weather proof.

Moreover, this charger is thin, light weight, laced with stainless steel eye holes so its each corner could be attached strongly to backpack and carried without need of any extra effort.

It is sewed in a manner to ensure that it could be folded, made compact and put into backpack zipper easily.


  • High efficiency ranging up to 23.5% under direct sunlight
  • There is no need to put this charger in sunshine for a while before plugging-in the device
  • Enough capacity to charge a power bank to store energy


  • Not compatible with some iPod devices, HP TouchPad and ASUS tablets
  • May only charge in direct and sufficient sunlight

This solar charger also has advanced security features to protect attached device from surge current or short circuit.

To make use of device, there is no need to buy any accessories as this solar charger package also includes one 3ft long micro USB cable.

Anyhow, it is noticed that this device does not feature automatic restart. Under shade or cloud, device shuts off and you need to re-plug the device to make it start charging. To show its normal operation mode, it has one red LED display next to USB ports.

Backpacking solar charger or travelling solar charger is to be carried along while on move so choice should be made according to situation. Solar charger for backpacking must be portable so its weight should be low.

Preferably it should be compact and foldable so it could be slid into bag or pouch while not in use. It should also have something like Velcro strips, eyelets or hooks so it could be attached easily to one’s backpack or camp.

To add further, a travelling solar charger should be water and weather proof so it could be carried easily in hot or cold, foggy or rainy environment without suffering any damage.

Before buying a solar charger, you should confirm your devices are compatible with that charger.

For example, some chargers can charge laptops but other can’t. Similarly, Apple accessories are not compatible with many types of solar chargers. Capacity and available ports of a solar charger should also be paid heed to while selecting a solar charger.

If you need to charge 2 devices at once, you must buy a solar charger with 2 or 3 ports. A good solar charger should also incorporate necessary safety features to ensure device safety.

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  • To get best out of a solar charger, its panels should be placed to face sunlight directly.
  • If a solar charger is made to pass from a cloudy or shady area then after getting back to sufficient sunlight, you must check if device has started recharging, else you should re-plug the device manually (even if automatic recharge option is available).
  • Despite the fact, many travelling solar chargers are water proof, care must be taken and charger’s exposure to dampness should be avoided as much as possible so USB ports, panels, hooks and everything remains functional for longer time.
  • While attaching devices with portable solar charger, compatibility of devices be made sure.
  • Solar charger must not be overburdened as each solar charger has maximum current limit that it can provide at specific voltage.
  • To make best use of a solar charger, such a charger should be bought which is capable of charging devices needing different voltage inputs.
  • An external battery can be attached with solar charger so available energy does not get wasted while there is no mobile, tablet or laptop needing charging.
  • Good quality connecting cables or those coming within packaging must be used to charge devices to avail maximum possible capacity.
In a Nutshell

The best solar charger for backpacking needs to be lightweight, compatible with your devices, weatherproof and powerful enough to give proper power output in your hiking and backpacking trips. Get one from my list and you are all set.

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